K.I.T.E. [Konnecting the Incarcerated through Excellence], is the brainchild of Dave Bishop who resides within both the cities of Detroit and Atlanta. A media strategist and event planner; K.I.T.E., was founded in the fall of 2011, as a 501 (C) 3, non-for-profit organization. Bishop, who was incarcerated from 2003-2005 was personally impacted with the lack-of communication [provided within the prison system] with his children; especially as father of three daughters at the time ages were 2, 7 and 8. He realized how the removal of a parent from one’s home could be detrimental, in addition to how its negatives could impact their lives.

While imprisoned Bishop, witnessed and envisioned a personal mission to be with his children as with other fathers who were and/or are incarcerated with positive aspirations by enlighten ways for both parent/child(ren) connections from within (prison) to-the-homes of those children/providers.

“By fostering balanced and viable standards of living, and personally experiencing this first hand, children need to have their parent(s). I learned this by my time served and saw this first hand with not being there for my girls. I missed many intricate parts of their lives that can not be replaced. K.I.T.E., minimally, will offer those children of imprisoned parent(s) by providing free transportation to the prisons to include a variety of financial assistances,  in addition to;  mentorships from many within professional entities in our community to include persons like myself that have found a positive reinforcement; a “legitimately  living my life” say’s Bishop.

The K.I.T.E. program uses mentoring initiatives, community inclusion and an art/creativity centered platform to teach children affective communication skills, coupled with healthy self-expression techniques. This program is also designed to help kids develop and maintain self-esteem in an effort to understand themselves and discover ways to repair and strengthen relationships with absentee parents.

Through the initiatives’ offered through, K.I.T.E., our staff of professionals throughout our community seeks to strengthen the parent/child relationship through mentoring and mediation efforts. “These children need to know that the adults in their lives, homes and communities at large are here to work with them in order for them to live their best life.” It is through a deep commitment to this effort that founder Dave Bishop welcomes with enthusiasm new enrollees of this highly anticipated and much needed program.

Contact Founder / Chairman Dave D. Bishop : davebishop@savemykite.org